Clinical decision support’s role in radiology – FierceMedicalImaging

Clinical decision support’s role in radiology

By Mike Bassett

Concerns about overutilization of imaging, its appropriateness in all cases, and its costs in terms of healthcare dollars and exposure to ionizing radiation has led to an increasing emphasis on clinical decision support.

And the extent to which policymakers have latched onto the concept of CDS as a tool to address overutilization and rising costs is demonstrated by the fact that the “Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014”–the Sustainable Growth Rate “patch” legislation–contains language requiring that physicians consult appropriateness criteria before prescribing advanced imaging procedures for Medicare patients.

“There’s obviously a growing interest around clinical decision support,” said Anthony DeFrance, M.D., a clinical associate professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine. “And as we try to wring out waste and improve quality, and move towards metrics that are more quality-based, these clinical decision support systems are becoming more relevant to the practice of radiology and imaging.”

In this special report, FierceMedicalImaging explores the importance of CDS in radiology. We talk with healthcare professionals about what’s necessary to increase physician adoption and how such tools can be improved.

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