Radiology’s drive to Quality

Road to quality

The entire payment model for healthcare services is transforming towards rewarding the value of care and Radiology is not immune.

In today’s payment models the net unit value of imaging is dropping. Although Imaging has unquestionable value in the delivery of healthcare, the amount providers and payers are willing to pay for imaging is most certainly being questioned.

The Radiologist role in the care cycle for patients is well beyond the reading room. But how can Radiologists be held accountable for inappropriate utilization of value imaging resources without a seat in the vehicle.

ACR Select is an integral part of Radiology’s roadmap to value based care. A National Standard, maintained by the American College of Radiology. Key word: Radiology.

Structured indications at the point of order ensure that orders are based on valid and defensible medical reasons.

Every order is scored; every order gets a unique Decision Support Number. This data is the basis for a true understanding of the pain points that are creating inappropriate utilization and the positive impact of quality imaging.

Appropriateness Scoring during order entry drives consultation for questionable orders, prevent in appropriate exams and foster real time learning and interaction with the ordering physician. Helping to increase visibility and relevance.

With ACR Select, Radiology has the opportunity to manage towards value based payment contracting for Imaging Services, by ensuring quality/compliance, and, sharing in the subsequent total savings.

With ACR Select, Radiology can reposition the value of imaging in the value chain and highlight the system wide impact of imaging:

  • Cognitive, consultative
  • Impact on the entire care continuum
  • Imaging saves cost

Re-establish the obvious. Appropriate Imaging improves patient care and saves costs.

  • Proper consultation and the resulting appropriate exam and properly communicated result reduces length of stay and readmission rate
  • Managing authorizations through third parties creates overhead and complexity. ACR Select creates simplicity and transparency. Allowing physicians to focus on paient care vs. navigating authorization workflows.
  • ACR Select creates a transparent platform for all stakeholders in the process to share data and align on outcomes

Get on the road. Take the steering wheel. ACR Select creates a platform for new models for Radiology Service delivery where the impact of quality Radiology service has on the patient care cycle is quantified, and obvious. Radiologists can get paid for value by sharing in the total impact and helping it’s customers manage outcomes in risk bearing models.


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